– The wrap-up –

After a month of public pressure on the advertisers all of them pulled their ads on the Slovenske novice website. There are still some of those who advertise on Slovenske novice website and we will try to presuade them as well.

We’ve proven that the public pressure works and that there are limits to the bad media practices which are focused on satisfying the advertisers without offering anything of use to the public.


– The Intro –

Days after the tragic suicide there was a lot of buzz generated about this case in the public sphere. The media and the public were full of judgements.

But unfortunately, the loudest argument heard in the public was that this type of media coverage was business as usual and that nothing can be done to change it. Therefore, not wanting to let this case to be forgotten, we initiated a project called Media in the media.

We are determined to not let such a tragic event to ever happen again. We want to do the right thing:

  • punish the media for their gross irresponsibility,
  • establish a critical perception of the tragic event and
  • encourage a public debate about the role of the media.

We want to better the Slovene media and encourage the public to hold their media responsible for their actions. We want to change the Slovene media landscape where for far too long everything has been based on useless calls to moral action and self-regulatory procedures within the media outlets which bore no fruit.

– Slovenske novice, the starting point of the Maribor case –

Analysis showed that the first media pushing the Maribor case into the public sphere was a tabloid called Slovenske novice (Slovenian News). They are the biggest Slovene tabloid with over 60000 copies sold daily.

Their website is generating around 400 thousand visitors per month and they are one of the oldest and most vulgar tabloids in Slovenija. They get sanctioned by the Honorary Journalistic Court for disrespecting the Journalistic Code of Conduct often, with several cases of clear violations not being reported at all.

– Sanctioning the media –

Slovenske novice media outlet and their management board publicly stated that their editors and journalists covering the Maribor case were not in the wrong and were just doing their job.

Therefore we decided to focus our efforts elsewhere. We are, currently, focusing on the companies which are advertising in Slovenske novice. We want them to stop advertise there altogether and stop backing Slovenske novice altogether.

Companies, self proclaimed socially responsible, are by buying ad space on Slovenske novice directly financing and supporting the products of this media outlet.

– Public speaks out –

We gave the public the chance to speak out and convey their beliefs to the companies, who still advertise on Slovenske novice.

We generated preformatted emails in which we are politely asking the socially responsible companies to remove their ads from the Slovenske novice website, claiming that they, being socially responsible companies, should not be advertising in the media which was indirectly responsible for the death of a private citizen.

– The response –

The companies responded and started to remove their ads from the online portal of Slovenske novice. Some of the companies (Mimovrste d.o.o, Bisnode d.o.o, Microsoft Slovenije) responded in the same day, others took a bit longer. The current count is available here.