Check out the list of the companies that pulled their advertising out of the Slovene tabloids that covered the so-called “Maribor case”. We consider the case closed for now since we reached a significant progress in pressuring the advertisers into moving their ads away from the Slovenske novice website.

Slovenske novice (completed)

Companies terminating advertising in Slovenske novice:

  • Mimovrste d.o.o (pulled their ads)
  • Bisnode d.o.o (pulled their ads)
  • Weleda Baby (pulled their ads)
  • Microsoft Slovenije (pulled their ads)
  • Bernardin Group (pulled their ads)
  • Ljubljanske mlekarne (pulled their ads)
  • Telekom Slovenije (pulled their ads)
  • Zavarovalnica Triglav (pulled their ads)
  • Sberbank (pulled their ads)
  • Hofer (pulled their ads)
  • Hypo Alpe Adria (pulled their ads)
  • Simobil (promised their ads will only be shown next to the positive and constructive news articles and stated they do not wish to appear next to stories promoting gore and violence)
  • Krka d.d. (promised their ads will only show next to the news articles that do not violate the Ethic code of Journalists in Slovenia)