The people involved in the #bettermedia project believe in positive action. That is why we are promoting good new independent media practices which show that not everything has to revolve around shocking breaking news, sloppy reporting and meaningless content (ordered alphabetically).

Apparatus podcast network

Apparatus podcast network features podcasts from different walks of life from pop culture, sport and slovene tech community.

News, interviews and reports from the field of electronic democracy, internet governance and digital activism.

Metina lista

Online news website dealing with active citizenship, promotion of science, fair society, representation of minorities and respectable public discourse.

Pod črto

“Pod črto” is a data driven journalism portal which deals with data analysis and making sense out of data sets.


Law, human rights and digital society, all wrapped into one delicious package.

Radio Terminal

Music, concerts, culture, reviews and reports … with a cool music stream.


News, interviews and analysis from the world of digital technology.

Torek ob petih

“Torek ob petih” is a mobile-first weekly which focuses on current subjects, culture and online society.