– The Beginning –

Media published the news about another tragedy. Somebody shot (and consequently killed) the director of the chemical institute in Ljubljana. Before the authorities could conduct a proper research and release a formal statement, the media was abuzz with the name of the potential killer. The media claimed that they got the name from the police (i.e. official source).

Days after the killing almost every media in the country published the name, surname and in some cases photograph of the alleged killer complete with his history and the potential reasons for the murder. For the media it was an open and shut case.

– The Court –

When the alleged killer came in front of the judge, the claimed he is innocent – what’s more, the at the time being the court has yet to decide whether or not an investigation will actually take place or will they dismiss the whole case because the police arrested the wrong man.

– The Damage –

Since the official investigation takes time and the media seldomly reports on the actual outcome of the proceedings the general public is now convinced that the killer has been found and that the case is closed. If we compare the media reports before and after the first hearing we can see that not all the media followed up the reports with news from the court room.

– Adding insult to injury –

After the first hearing some of the media outlets expressed amazement at the fact that the name of the suspect got out into the public sphere before the official sources could conclude their investigation.