What are we doing?

We believe in the public and its wish to participate in the forming of the media landscape. That is why we are leading several calls to action, public debates and lectures on the subject of participation in the media-run society. We believe that only the people have the power to change the establishment and that there is no other way than to call out the ones responsible and demand responsiblity for their actions.

Call To Action One: What is the role of advertisers?

Timeframe: December 2014 – January 2015

For our first call to action we decided to call out on the advertisers and ask them how are they justifying their publicly responsible companies and the ads for those companies placed next to gruesome tabloid articles. We organized an e-mail based campaign which resulted in advertisers removing their ads on the before mentioned tabloid website.

We called out 12 companies and all of them removed advertising from the tabloid website.

Since some of the companies responded they will not get involved and will instead wait for the Journalistic Court of Honour reaction, we contacted them again after the Court gave out their verdict and demanded their response.

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Call To Action Two: Informing the foreign owners of the network

Timeframe: February 2015

In our second call to action, we asked the foreign owners of a commercial TV station if they are aware of the situation in Slovenia involving one of their affiliates. Since they are officialy the owner of a 51% stake in the affiliate technically means they are the ones responsible for the networks’ behaviour.

They responded that they trust the local management team and that they will not get involved, but right after our inqury an editor and a journalist resigned.

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Call To Action Three: Journalist Court of Honor reaction

Timeframe: December 2014 – April 2015

Based also on our calls to actions the Journalist Court of Honor reacted and in their opinion all the media outlets involved in the reporting of the Maribor sex scandal case violated at least one of the articles of the Honor code of slovene journalists.

More about the verdicts

Call To Action Four: What kind of public televison do you want?

Timeframe: April 2015 – June 2015

We started a two-month campaign collecting public opinions on the matter of the quality of the public televison in Slovenia. After the collection period is completed, we will take those suggestions to the leadership of the public television and ask them to fulfill them.

Call To Action Five: State-funded hate!

Timeframe: September 2018 – currently ongoing

We are focusing our efforts in getting the authorities to react on the existance of a media outlet that is connected with foreign governments and state actors, spreading lies and political propaganda while at the same time being funded by public money.