We deserve a better media! Who’s with us?

Welcome to a home of a project “Dajmo medije v medije!” (#bettermedia).

How it should be

// Journalism and the mass media is here to provide us, the citizens with all the information needed to make the best possible decisions about our lives, our contributions within the communities and the society overall.

How it is

// The sad truth today is that the general mass media is in a bad state. It’s a rat race. Media’s primary goal today is to sell the advertising space with no or little regard to the audience.

What now

// #bettermedia is an enthusiastic attempt by the Državljan D’s team to change the sad state. We’re striving for a mass media working in peoples’ and not marketing’s advantage.

We’re doing that by lecturing, promoting and campaining for a quality journalism. We are surely and slowly changing the media landscape. But we can’t do it alone.

How can YOU help?

We want and need this to be a community project. By being an active member of this community and a consumer of a current mass media content, you have a word too. You can help by actively participating in our actions, by making a donation to help keep this project running and the team alive and by telling your friends about us!

The #bettermedia project strongly relies on public’s support. Only together we can influence and change the media industry. It’s been proven countless times that the media industry can not self-regulate and that the advertisers will not choose to pursue a different relationship with them.

Let’s speak up! Media and the advertising industry: we are not satisfied with the current situation and we want change!

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