We deserve a better media! Who’s with us?

Welcome to a home of a project “Dajmo medije v medije!” (#bettermedia).

– What do we believe in? –

We believe that the purpose of journalism is to provide citizens with information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies and their governments.

Right now the the general mass media is heavily involved in a rat race to the bottom and their primary goal is selling advertising space without and regards to their audience. We want to change that.

By lecturing, promoting and campaining for quality journalism which focuses on their audience and their needs as citizens, we are changing the media landscape.

– How can I help? –

We want this to be a community project because a better media sphere is good for everybody! You can help by actively participating, making a donation or helping us by telling your friends about us!

– I want to find out more! –

You can read our case files, subscribe to our weekly newsletter or meet members of our team at live events!